Bow Technique

One of the most difficult tasks in learning how to play a string instrument is holding the bow correctly. There is definitely benefits to having the correct bow hold technique and the first benefit that I would like to discuss is balance.

Obtaining the proper balance in the hand is very important because each finger and the overall shape of the hand aid in the type of sounds that you are creating with your bow. This is especially true when you are trying to make accent sounds and creating a rhythmic tone within the music you are playing. Being able to create different sounds with your bow adds character to the music.

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music-notesRead the Language of Music

 Just like any other language, the language of music must be learned to be read, spoken and finally played. The more fluent you become in this incredible language, the more access you have to endless amounts of  music that has been composed for all instruments. We make sure to teach you fluency in this universal language.